Heal your sacred feminine space

Our womb is more than just a physical organ. It is the centre of your divine feminine energy, the heart of your female body, a vessel to birth the souls of your children into this earthly plane. A sacred space that holds the energy of creation, joy, pleasure and life

While helping many clients with healing their family lines over the past years, I saw one clear similarity: that the ancestral trauma that your female ancestors did not heal is stored inside your womb space. 

This causes a block in your sacral chakra and therefore blocks your:

  • sensuality, sexuality and fertility
  • ability to open up to intimacy in relationships
  • creativity, emotions and ability to receive abundance

During this womb healing I will help you clear these energetic blocks so you will open up to more abundance, creativity and pleasure.

    After this healing you will:

    What to expect during this healing

    During this online session, you will be guided through a powerful healing process and transformative journey that connects you with your womb space on a deep energetic level. You will:

    1. Connect with your womb and female ancestors: I help you to tune into the wisdom and energy of this sacred space in your body, and I invite your female ancestors that will help you with your healing process
    2. Identify blocks: I guide you through your womb space so you become aware of the traumas and blocks stored within your womb – originated in your mother line or past lifes
    3. Healing and release: I use guided visualization, energetic healing techniques, Reiki and light language to help you clear these blocks
    4. Integration: at the end of the session, I will help you integrate a new sense of being

    The healing takes approximately 90 minutes. Before the healing starts, I will explain how ancestral trauma is passed onto you through your family line, and about the magic of your womb. The healing is online via Zoom. 

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